A.4) Absolutely Not, of course we like you to list your must have songs but if you do a playlist for an entire 4 hours you probably just need a cd or tablet or Pandora, not an entertainer. A DJ/MC needs to feel the crowd let them do their job so you can get into the mix of different blends to keep the party going and keep you on the dance floor.

Q.1)Why do you and most Entertainment company's DO NOT List Exact pricing?


Q.4)Do we have to pick all the music for an event?

A.3)Love this question! I have been in the business since I was about 15 years old, now without giving up my age let's just say over 10 years of experience, which really can determine the outcome of any event. Experience is what moves a crowd being able to play new music but always reference back to classics that no matter how old will get you moving to the beat.

Q.2) Are you Licensed and Insured?

Q.3)How Long have you been in the Business for?

Planning an event can be stressful, the internet can be overwhelming with information in this section is some of our most Frequently Asked Questions, It's important to have questions when choosing Entertainment for any event. You want to be able to know the company your dealing with is on top of their game, perception is reality! Some of these questions and Answers can help you as you make your decision on what package fits your needs as well as personalities and demeanor  fits what your looking for as well as take away any anxiety you may have.   

A.2) Of course we are Licensed and Insured, when meeting with an Entertainer you want to know for a fact they have all the proper requirements to conduct business in an ethical and correct way, you can always ask to see this information as well, some banquet halls will require their name to be listed on the insurance on the day of the event so make sure whatever company you choose dots their I's and crosses their T's.

A.1) Great question, we do not list pricing as most of my clients all require certain products to build their perfect package, so once we have them come to the office and we can get more detail about the event then we can give an exact price. It's all about the details.